Our First Transfer – July 23, 2012 – Missionaries Returning Home

Farewell dinner at mission home

We said a fond farewell to those missionaries who recently returned home.  As I interviewed each of them, each expressed love for you and for those they have served.  They returned home with stronger testimonies and a determination to use what they have learned on their missions as a springboard into the next phase of their lives.  We sent home a great corps of member missionaries!!

Sisters Iglezia and Mauga return to Temple Square

Elder Max Adamson
Sister Michelle Bowers
Elder Cade Brown
Sister Hye Gyoung Choo
Elder Alex Douglas
Sister Kathryn Driggs
Elder Mario Garcia
Elder James Aaron Hatch
Elder Tyler Hatch
Sister Annessa Haws
Elder Erbi John
Elder Matthew Silcox
Elder Taylor Wood

Sister Iglezia (Temple Sq)
Sister Mauga (Temple Sq)
Visa Waiters to Argentina
Elder Brad Allen Haney
Sister Leigh Andreason

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