Missionary Training Meetings & Zone Conferences

We have learned lots together over the past few weeks in training meetings and Zone Conference.  We have learned about companionship relationships and nutrition.  We have discussed and practiced “How to Begin Teaching”  and “We Invite, They Commit, We Follow Up” to help us be better missionaries.  As we role played with you, we were impressed at how well you are able to implement these teaching principles.

We discussed not only the “what” of missionary work but also the “why” of missionary work.  Elder Uchtfdort taught us “The what informs but the why transforms”.  While we need to know the “what” and the “how” in order to be more effective in our missionary work, we must never forget the “why”.  The why inspires us and gives meaning to what we do.  The why also inspires members and our investigators.  Until we understand the why, we will never be as effective as we could be.  As members get the why deep into their hearts, they will look at missionary work in a whole new way – it will become more important to them and easier for them.  When our investigators truly understand the why, it will make all the difference – making and keeping commitments will take on a whole new meaning.  They each have their agency and may choose not to change – but hearts will be touched.

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