Elder Bradley D. Foster & Sister Sharol A. Foster Visit Mission

Elder Bradley D. Foster and his wife, Sister Sharol A. Foster, spent Wednesday, September 19th and Thursday, September 20th touring the mission.  They meet with the missionaries, trained and inspired them.

President Mullen wrote on Sept. 24th in his weekly message to the missionaries: This past week has been great. We welcomed four new missionaries into the mission.  We saw many enter the waters of baptism this week.  Others are returning to activity in the Church. We were able to be together and meet with Elder and Sister Foster.

As Sister Mullen and I met with the Fosters they expressed how great you are and what outstanding missionaries you.  We told Elder Foster how great you are before he came – once he came, he heartily agreed.

Elder Foster reminded us of some fundamental truths and taught us ones that we might not have thought of before.  He taught “This is not a membership drive.  The world needs the doctrine of Christ – There is no other way than Jesus Christ.  We hold in our hands their salvation.”

Elder Foster also taught us about prayer, our divine nature and other great principles.  We all had a wonderful experience. 

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