Returning Elders & Sisters – Nov. 26, 2012

November 26, 2012 we had to say farewell to twelve Elders and four Sisters.  Pres. Mullen: “It is sad for us to see the departing missionaries leave.  We love them and will miss them but we are excited for them as the make the move from full time missionaries to life  long missionaries.  We join with you in wishing them well.”
Elder Zachary Todd Bell
Elder David Young Brantley
Elder Gideon William Burrell
Elder Dominic Martin Clarke
Elder Casey Daniel Hardesty
Elder Casey John Major
Elder Michael D. Potter
Elder Derrick Richard Shelley
Elder Richard Hadley Thorman
Elder Trevor Thomas Zubeck
Sister Sarai Almaraz
Sister Jasmyn Hicks
Sister Katherine Elizabeth Linn
Sister Bethany Noel Maxfield
Elder Qi Li
Sister Melissa Ann Schoppmann
Elder Noah Alexander Hallstrom – Indiana Indianapolis Mission

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