Specialized Training Meetings

Specialized Training Meetings were held in four different locations in the mission from January 29 – February 1, 2013.  The missionaries were taught how to make better use of their planning time and how to teach more effectively using Church pamphlets. In the words of President Mullen in his weekly letter to the missionaries: “Teach clearly with simple, powerful statements…  That is the way that the ancients taught.  That is the way Preach My Gospel missionaries teach.  You not only need to learn to teach the doctrine more clearly, more simply; but, you each need to increase your personal testimony and deepen your personal conversion so that you also teach more powerfully…  Stay focused your missionary purpose and the needs of those you teach.  Plan your lesson based on your purpose and those needs… Teach with simple powerful statements that an 8 year old could understand…  Be effective in your evening planning…  As you implement what you learned, you will see more miracles and bring more people to Christ.”


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