Missionaries Returned Home – December 2, 2013

Six missionaries and one senior couple returned home after serving honorably.  We appreciate their example and hard work — they will be missed!  We wish them well and home to see them at a future mission reunion!


Returning Missionaries
Elder Aaron John Bobo
Elder Emmanuel Cisternas
Elder Eric Benjamin Jepsen
Elder Mitchell Wade Whiting
Sister Bethany Blaire Hardy
Sister Sarai Kim Peterson
Elder and Sister Winn

Continuing Missionaries:
Temple Square:
Sister Sabina Imangaziyeva
Sister Helen Jolene Stolp
Elder Marco Antonio Carzoli
Elder Axell Dominguez
Elder Luke Rallison
Elder Seth Francis Brown
Medical and Other Releases:
Elder Darrian Edward Mendivil
Elder Reese River Rini
Sister Jade Jensen

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