16 New Missionaries Arrive! – January 13, 2014

New missionaries arrived in Spokane on Monday, January 13, 2014 from the MTC to begin their missionary service.


Elder Eric Fallon
Elder Mitchell Featherstone
Elder Garrett Ferris
Elder Fe’loaktohi Heimuli
Elder Brennan Keppner
Elder Mason Rebalkin
Sister Marissa Autrey
Sister Alexis Goodis
Sister Hayley Hastings
Sister Sarah Seastrand
Visa Waiters
Elder Brent Richard Snyder
Sister Taylor Maughan
Sister Timmeri Bosworth-Arzani
New Zealand:
Elder Chase Schumaker
Elder Brent Earl Thacker
South Africa:
Elder Myles Overstreet

The following missionaries have also recently arrived in Spokane:
Employment Center
Sister Elsie McCleery
Temple Square
Sister Janammanon Talosa
Sister Pei Shan Yu

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