Two New Office Couples

Elder and Sister Fisher

We welcome Elder Ed and Sister Liz Fisher, who are called for a 23 month mission in the Mission Office. Elder Fisher is taking over for Elder Killian in vehicle management. Sister Fisher is taking on the load carried by Sister Killian in recording baptisms, coordinating bikes, helping with meals for the missionary meetings, and the Daily Dose program. They came early to learn from the Killians, went to the MTC for a week, and came back for another week of training before the Killians were released. The Killians extended their release in order to help with the training. We love the Fishers. We miss the Killians.

Elder and Sister - helping in office

Another wonderful couple have joined us as Church Service Missionaries. Elder Graig and Sister Martha Smith will be working in the office for a year. They have already helped so much since they started on January 8th. Elder Smith has taken over most of the housing arrangements from Elder Handy to lighten his load. Sister Smith has taken over mail, filing, and doing just about everything she can helping Sister Handy. They have been such a great addition to our office staff!

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