Zone Conf: Moscow Univ, Lewiston & Moscow Family 11-20-15


MOSCOW UNIVERSITY ZONE: BackL, Sisters Murphy, Rich, Winsor, Ashby, Bryson, Adamson, Rogers, Moody; Assistants: Elders Lyden and Jefferies; Front: Elders Li and Griffin, Sis & Pres Dymock, Elders Terry and Troseth

LewistonZone 11-20-15

Lewiston Zone: BackL: Elders Nielsen, Fallon, Luis, Nelson, Kosmicki, Lyden, Rowe, Forrester, C. Johnson, Brantmeyer, J, Hawkins, Davies, Porter, Williams, & Smith; Front L: Sisters Lovell & Clawson, Sis & Pres Dymock, Sisters Rencher & Chugg


MOSCOW FAMILY ZONE: BackL: Elders Elwood, Gentry, Pendell, A. Johnson, Carlson, Fogle, Dugan, Holmes, Maxwell, Assistants – E Lyden & Jefferie; FrontL: Sisters Egbert & Johnson, Sis & Pres Dymock, SIsters Arnett & Mills

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