Miracles – February 2013

Last night, about 7:50pm or so, we were unsure where to go.  We were out north of Sandpoint, in a booney area.  We decided to say a prayer.  After the prayer, we decided to go try the Rasmussens.  They weren’t home, then we tried the Edwards, they were going to sleep.  Then I saw a name, Heidi R. and said well, this lady lives a little far away, but we have time so let’s try it.  The address on the ward list was not very specific; it just listed to cross streets.  So we started heading that direction.  By the time we had driven about 2 or 3 miles, I finally figured out where the cross streets were at.  I realized wow! That is basically all the way back into town.  We figured, well we have already come this far, there is no turning back now.  If I had realized how far away it was from the beginning though, I don’t think we would have made the decision to go there.  So we get to the cross streets, and there are like 3 houses there.  We were unsure which one it was that we were looking for.  It was now about 8:20pm.  I said “I bet it is that one” and pointed to one.  We pulled in the driveway and contemplated whether or not we should knock the door because it was pretty late.  I tried calling the listed phone number, no one answered.  I figured well, we have driven all this way; we can’t just turn around and go without trying.  So we walked up to the door and I knocked lightly.  Realized it was a mud room door.  Then I heard a guy on the other side of the wall.  So I knocked firmly and the man answered the door.  His name was Everett.  Not the person we were looking for.  We asked if he knew Heidi.  He said well the people I bought the house from 16 years ago had the last name Raner.  Wow! 16 years! ha-ha.  He said he was Baptist.  So we kind of expected him to not be very interested.  But we continued to talk to him and let him know the things we believe as LDS.  We then asked if he would be interested in reading the BOM.  He said yeah, so we gave him one.  He said something like: “I was actually thinking about the BOM the other day, and thinking about reading it.”  I replied “well maybe that’s a sign!” he said “yeah, maybe”  We asked if we could sing him a song (because brother Boren [in our ward] is an ex-mission president and challenged us to try doing that whenever possible) he said ya, so we sang the first verse of I am a child of God.  I have been a little sick, so I couldn’t sing very good, and I don’t sing anyway.  And it was probably 20 degrees.  So we started in, it was a bit rough, but it was great.  Spirit was strong.  We said a prayer with him and asked if we could come back in a week and see how his reading has been going and he said ya.  What a miracle find it was.  He might not be the next person to get baptized or anything like that, but we were there right in the moment that he was willing to listen to us and willing to try out the book of Mormon.  Elder Wenzbaur-Llamados a Servir

So Heidi and Tom came to church last Sunday.  We met with them on Wednesday for the first time.  They are neighbors of a member and he brought them to church.  So Wednesday we went and talked with them and they loved their experience at church.  They loved how happy everyone was and how friendly everyone was.  Heidi told us that she had “a testimony” that she wanted to share with us.  So we said ok.  So she told us that they were out of food that weekend and money and weren’t sure what they were going to do.  Then out of nowhere Tom’s mom called and said that she had won $100 and wanted to buy them $50 worth of food.  Which they said is not something that she would normally do.  But they had been praying for help and said without a doubt it was an answer to their prayers.  Then the next day, the same thing happened with clothes.  Someone brought Heidi a bunch of clothes which was a blessing to her because all her clothes are down in California.  Then I mentioned that they had gone to church that week and they connected it as a blessing for obeying god’s commandment to go to church.  They came again to church yesterday and stayed again for all 3 hours.  They are pretty awesome.  To start out the lesson that we had with them, I asked Heidi what she knows about the Book of Mormon.  She said that she had gotten one 16 years ago when she lived in Florida and has read it off and on.  She said something like: “sometimes when I am looking for answers I read in the Book of Mormon and get them, and sometimes in the bible.  So I use them hand in hand. Is that right?” ha-ha yeah!  She explained it almost exactly like a missionary. She also said that there is no doubt in her mind that it is a testament of Jesus Christ because almost every page talks about him.  She has read about half the book, but said she is going to start over because it has been awhile.  But they seem pretty promising.   Elder Wenzbaur-Llamados a Servir

Last week during fear-busting we had 5 companionships on the south hill tracting. There was some confusion deciding who would tract what street and Sister Jensen and I finally started knocking doors a few streets from where i thought we would be. We knocked three doors and then a young woman named Emily answered. She started talking about her friends in Cheney that were Mormons and i realized I knew her friends. Then we recognized each other! Sister Lamb and i had been able to meet her a couple times at her friend’s house. She was happy to see us and we asked if we could share the restoration since we’d never gotten to it before. She welcomed us in and We taught her from the pamphlet. She loved it and we came back the next day with a fellow shipper to teach the plan of salvation. Heavenly Father knew that she was on the south hill on that street and he really wanted her to see a familiar face and hear the gospel! He directs this work! Don’t forget how much he loves his children and that he can use us even when we don’t realize it!   Love, Sister Hardy

Week of Feb 11, 2013

Elder Call:
Elder Wendt and I were speaking with our investigator Danz. He accepted everything about the Restoration, but once he started reading the Book of Mormon, he had trouble feeling the Spirit reading. It made him wonder if it is really from God. Elder Wendt and I felt a reassuring feeling that everything would be alright. The next day we fasted, prayed, and studied intensely to know what we needed to do. When we went to visit him, we shared Alma 36. The Spirit was staggering. He said this time the scriptures really spoke to him. We taught him that the best way to feel the Spirit of the Book of Mormon is when we liken it to ourselves. We felt an amazing difference as we put so much more thought and care into tailoring that lesson to his needs.

Sister Lamb:
Sis. Dickerman and I had some really cool stuff happen this week but the best was with our investigator April. April is this really cool girl who just wants some direction in her life. We had some really incredible lessons with her using the methods we learned in training. After we taught her the Restoration she said she would go home right then and pray about it. While she was on her knees she said she asked “Heavenly Father I just need some guidance right now. Is this true?” She then heard some one in the house yell “YES!” Whaaaaa! After she was done praying she said she felt super peaceful and content. Then she got this huge burst of energy and had to run around her house for an hour cause she was so excited! COOLEST THING EVER! Oh man Cheney is the Best! Spokane West Zone is the best! This work is the BEST! Hope you are all seeing miracles and are letting your work be guided by the Lord! Love you all!!