Miracles/Missionary Share – January 2013

Week of Jan 28, 2013

Elder Call:
Elder Wendt and I were speaking with our investigator Danz. He accepted everything about the Restoration, but once he started reading the Book of Mormon, he had trouble feeling the Spirit reading. It made him wonder if it is really from God. Elder Wendt and I felt a reassuring feeling that everything would be alright. The next day we fasted, prayed, and studied intensely to know what we needed to do. When we went to visit him, we shared Alma 36. The Spirit was staggering. He said this time the scriptures really spoke to him. We taught him that the best way to feel the Spirit of the Book of Mormon is when we liken it to ourselves. We felt an amazing difference as we put so much more thought and care into tailoring that lesson to his needs.

Sister Earl:
Sister Zigler and I kept getting the feeling to GO FIND Steve. Well, Steve’s family had not told him that we were looking for him and I told Hermana Ziegler we needed to go to the Carneceria (Beef market- that his parents own). So we went there and walked inside. His sister, at the register, asked, “Are you still looking for Steve?” We said that we were and she went and got him from the back of the store.
He said he wanted to still meet with us and he was so excited to hear more about the Gospel. The next day we had set up an appointment to meet with him, but he got into a car accident and so we ended up having to reschedule. We meet with him today- being January 28th. With him wanting to walk all the way to the church just to find out if this church is true.
I cannot say enough how much being in Warden, WA has changed me. I didn’t know how special it was until I had to open up my heart. I cannot express the countless miracles we have seen as a companionship, but how much I love the people without even knowing them. I love the work that is here, but we have to make sure we’re healthy to do it!

Elder Wenzbaur:
On Friday, we had planned to do an exchange with some other missionaries, but they were a few hours behind schedule.  So we had some extra time.  We tried contacting a former investigator, but he wasn’t interested.  We figured we were there for a reason so we tracted all the apartments in the same complex.  James answered the last one that we knocked.  And he let us right in.  We had a great lesson on the restoration of the gospel with him, and set up a church tour for the following day to do with him and his girlfriend Krysten, who we found out has a brother serving in the Billings, MT mission (he is the only member in the family).  They showed up for the church tour and the bishop and his wife accompanied us, and it was great.  They both came to church yesterday as well. and we should see them again on Tuesday.  Llamados a Servir

Elder Craghead:
We had a really neat miracle happen this week. Elder Felshaw and I decided to go see some people on Saturday morning. Long story short, we saw a guy plowing his snow with his four-wheeler and had a hard time pulling it out, we decided to go over and help, and we talked with him for about 30 min just getting to know him. He was talking about his mom just passing away a week earlier, and about how he questioned God and why would she just pass away after she conquered cancer. We talked a little about the Plan of Happiness and how the Book of Mormon testifies of the truthfulness of the Gospel and tells everyone what they must do to gain peace during hard times. He said that he and his wife already know about Mormons.  I had this impression to read Ether 12:6 “ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith”  After we shared that verse, he said “I wasn’t going to take a copy of that book, but since you read that, I’ll take it” he complimented on the verse and said “how did you know where that was in that book, I mean out of so many pages, you picked that one verse, thank you” We said a prayer with him right there, and we exchanged info and got his number and set up a time to come back.  It was a really cool experience. God answers specific prayers, if we ask for specific things and thank him for it.

Sister Holbrook:
Yesterday we had a lesson with Brian who has had the hardest time understanding what we believe about God. For the first time since we started teaching him a few months ago, he opened up about the personal relationship that he has with God and how he loves God.  He is willing to do anything Heavenly Father wants him to do as long as he knows it’s really a commandment. Our member testified boldly that going to church is commandment and that’s where heavenly father wants him to be. He committed to coming to church for the first time!

Elder Jacob Meager:  Wow!!!!!!!!!!! What a week!!!!!!!!! Todd B. was baptized and confirmed and both he and his step-son Royce J. received the Priesthood in the last hour of Church!!!! It is sooo exciting!!! =) This family has been blessed sooo much!!!! This coming Saturday, Todd will have the opportunity to baptize his daughter, Ashley, and I will be baptizing her friend Amanda H., who has been investigating since a month ago.
   This past Sunday, we announced a couple new things that we are starting to do here.
1) We are going to have 1 or more team teachers with us every day of the week to be a part of the work, no more hiding in their houses anymore.
2) With permission from the Bishop, we have started Mission Prep classes that will be every Sunday night at 6pm for any Youth that wants to attend them. We had 5 youth attend on the first one yesterday, and it was great!!!! 

This is well balanced meal right Sister Mullen?  -- Elder Jacob Meager AKA Sunshine

This is well balanced meal right Sister Mullen? — Elder Jacob Meager AKA Sunshine


Many popsicles, but only one flavor… — Elder Jacob Meager (AKA Sunshine)


Don’t mess with Elders that have guns!!!– Elder Jacob Meager (AKA Sunshine)