Missionary Share – November 2012

Elder Jacob Meager:  Another miracle happened this Sunday evening! A young woman in the ward has been coming for the past 2 years to the Church and has not been baptized yet. Sunday night, we had another breakthrough with her similar to one we had with her 3 weeks ago. The Spirit was strong there so we decided to challenge her again to be baptized. That is when she opened up to us about everything in her life that she is facing right now and told us how she felt. We left her to go home and pick a date on her calender and text us what she felt and promised her that she would again receive answers as she moved forward with Faith. She texted us later that night to set the baptism for December 22nd!!!! You may think that this is not that hard but what she told us that night about her life and past experiences, it was VERY hard for her to make that choice… again. She has tried twice before, one ending with a loved one committing suicide and another with a last minute running away… That’s all the detail I will share about that. We are both really happy for her and hope to help her through the challenges that she will face soon ahead.

Hermana Ziegler:
Found a scripture chain that I thought was really fun. Sister Probst said it was like a missionary journey.
2 Nephi 33:3 -watch for how he feels
2 Nephi 33:6 -What we teach
2 Nephi 33:7 – Our Hope
Alma 5:14 -What they need
Alma 26:5-9 – Our work (Home state/country replaces Zarahemla)
Alma 27:30 -The goal
D&C 64:33-34 – What we do, What God does
D&C 8:8 -Promise of the work
D&C 100:5-8 -Spirit of the word
Moses 6: 31-34 -God’s promise to us (Put in your name)
Have fun I loved finding these and the meaning of them when you put them all together!

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Elder Jacob Meager – AKA Sunshine: Sister Mullen called me a clown for having my tie in a bow!!  I’m just protecting myself so that I can eat food without getting it on the tie… Then I cried.   Haha! Just kidding. I thought it was funny. =)