Missionary Share – Oct 2012

This Is Elder Vakalahi aka Papa V here in the TEMPLE ZONE! Just making a quick shout out to all the missionaries out in Moses Hole, I mean LAKE!! haha Also a shout out to Elder Cardon in the Palouse Zone. Keep tearing it up out there!  Love yall. E.V

 A family affair:
This last week at transfers I had the pleasure of welcoming in my cousin, Elder Patrick Barney, into the Washington Spokane Mission. I do not yet know the Lord’s purpose in this, but He has sent TWO of our family up here. There are many people I know that Elder Barney and I are meant to find, but the fact that the Lord has sent us both here to labor has really increased my testimony that He knows us and is mindful of our families. I am so blessed and thankful that this mission now means something not only to me, but is now something I can truly share with my family as well.  -Elder Penrod

 A Cool Miracle:
Hey Everyone this is from Elder Peterson and Elder Hardesty in Omak. We went to see a less active member and we were talking about the Book or Mormon with him and going to church. He is a pretty old guy so he has a caretaker named Jessica who was walking around when we were there. She asked if she could join in with us. We of course said yes and she went and got her little cute 1-year-old baby girl named Virginia and sat down. She had some question for us about the Plan of Salvation and we went through it with her and she loved everything we told her. Then she said she has been thinking about baptism for a long time. She then asked us what she Needs to do to be baptized into our church. We then told her that she could be baptized on the 24th of November if she wanted to meet with us a few more time so she knows what she is getting baptized into and she was way excited and happy about it! We love you all!  Elder Peterson and Hardesty

From Elder Jacob Meager (AKA Sunshine)
YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST….WEEK….EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (pretty close up there anyways)
So Rachel’s baptism was great, a lot of people showed up for it, there was a pregnancy announced by a couple in the ward, and miracles did happen that day! Including one where Rachel almost bashed her head in as she slipped walking down into the font, but at the last minute Caroman caught her (he is her friend that introduced her to the Church.) The 2nd miracle happened when one of the ladies who was giving a talk, while using a picture she found, pulled out 3 copies of the picture to give to the girls that were baptized. You see, there was originally two 8 yr old girls being baptized until last saturday when we invited Rachel to be baptized and kinda scooted into the program with the other girls. The lady told us as she gave the talk that she felt prompted to print out 3 pictures instead of the two and she wondered why until she found about Rachel! I thought that is amazing, and it definitely strengthened my testimony of personal revelation. =) I love it!!!!

 Elder Molyneaux:  During the week I put what I had learned in General Conference. I felt prompted later in the night to go and see a potential who had stopped us a few weeks back who seemed very interested. We arrived at his house, got off our bikes and were walking up his sidewalk when I saw a lady walking her dog. I immediately stopped, turned around, and went to talk to her while my companion proceeded to the door; unaware that I had turned around. It worked out well though. While he talked to the guy on his doorstep I engaged this lady in conversation. I got to know her, her name is Martha, and I found that her children  have had a lot of affiliation with church members in the past and that Martha has a great respect for the church because of the morals and standards we have. She had a sour taste for religion in particular and had recently gone through a divorce. I bore testimony of the gospel and the blessings it can bring not only to her, but to her children. I had her attention and from there I envisioned the potential of what she could become. I set up a lesson to take a tour of our church building the very next night, a saturday night. She agreed. Saturday night rolled around and she called saying how an unexpected guest had arrived at her home, but she would try to be there. I thought, “Oh no, Satan has put an obstacle in the path.” 15 minutes passed and guess who walked into the church? It was Martha! She really opened up to me as I talked to her and said that when I talked to her the other night something had stirred inside of her and she didn’t know what it was. She had not set foot in a church building in over five years and had no intention of ever going, but something I had said about her family being blessed touched her heart. We proceeded to teach her on the church tour and all the while she was glowing and feeling so welcome inside. By the end of the lesson she accepted baptism for November 17th. Elder Montgomery invited her. It was great to see his confidence go up in inviting her, especially since the work has been so slow here lately. The next day, Sunday. She came! It just so happened to be the Primary Program and there was a part where Elder Montgomery and I were asked to get up and sing “I Hope They Call Me On A Mission” By the end of the song we came to sit back down by Martha and I could see tears streaming down her face. It was exactly as I had seen her, the potential I saw in her that night I talked to her. I am looking forward to our next teaching appointment with her.