Oops! – November 2012


Hermana Donaldson: Sis Sanchez was trying to get in the tree for a picture with the leaves. This was her very first “fall” experience. However she’s a little short and got stuck hanging sideways. I couldn’t resist taking a picture. The sad part was that I tried to help her get up in the tree for a nice picture and ended up helping her cut her hand open in the process. Thank goodness for forgiving companions.

Elder Trenton Peterson

Sister Ziegler shares how she gives herself a hair trim:  I learned that when cutting your own hair it is important to not only use another mirror so you can see the back, but when trimming slowly go up and don’t do the chopping it all off at once thing.  I meant to just trim my hair, but I kept seeing that it was uneven. So the pile of hair on the floor kept getting bigger and bigger and my hair kept getting shorter and shorter. Finally I found another mirror so I could actually see the back and make sure it was even. My Companion came up the stairs and seeing all the hair on the floor was shocked and asked me what I was doing. I looked in the mirror and said “It wasn’t even!”  It is now though.  It looks great!

Elder Dominic Clarke