Oops! – October 2012

One of the new mission cars was parked in the President’s driveway.  Sister Mullen suddenly had people pounding on her door and calling telling her that their car was on fire!

The cause of the fire has not been determined but do they have a story to tell!

Not exactly a standard missionary cut!

Sister Mullen volunteered to cut Elder Manuirirangi’s hair.  The conversation must have been VERY interesting.  Everything was fine until Sister Mullen noticed Elder Luczak’s astonished face….  Elder Manu said he couldn’t go out like that and told Sister Mullen she might as well just finish it.

After the oops!

Elder Miller recently spent three days in a local hospital recuperating from E-coli from unwashed lettuce.  We were impressed they were trying to eat healthy…. Elder Miller is now feeling great and working hard!

Elder Miller surrounded by a few of his friends and well-wishers!