Zone Conf – Hayden Lake, CD’Alene, & Sandpoint: 11-25-15


HAYDEN LAKE ZONE: 11-25-15 (backL) Elders Cummings, Rasmussen, Loflin, Featherstone, David & Kysha Dymock, Elders Jorgensen, Olson & Flores; (frontL) Pres. Clark, Sisters Jackson & Smith, Pres & Sis Dymock w grandchildren, Sisters Kulscar, Sherwood, Sisson & Batchelor


COUER D’ALENE ZONE 11/26/15: (backL) Elders Urry, Allred, Heimuli, Young, Joseph, Wood, Avery, Morse, Martin, Perkins, Lundberg, Brenchley, David & Kysha Dymock; (frontL) Pres Clark, Sisters Fidler, Erickson, Pres & Sis Dymock w/grandchildren, Sisters Lake, Kitchen, Norcross, Barnes & Cutler


SANDPOINT ZONE: 11-25-15 (backL) Elders Jones, Shirk, Hodges, Bryan, David & Kysha Dymock, Elders Toner, Goodwin, Wilde, & Logan; (frontL) Pres Clark, Sisters Ungritch, Suprise, Pres & Sis Dymock w/ two grandchildren; Sisters Armstrong, Empey, Santiago, & Whipperman

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Music Guidelines

As you consider what types of MUSIC you can send your missionary, may I offer the guidelines from the White Missionary Handbook (p 25-6):Missionary-Handbook

“Listen only to music that is consistent with the sacred spirit of your calling. Music should invite the Spirit, help you focus on the work, and direct your thoughts and feelings to the Savior. Do not listen to music that pulls your thoughts away from your work, merely entertains, has romantic lyrics or overtones, or dulls your spiritual sensitivity by its tempo, beat, loudness, lyrics, or intensity. Listening to music must never interfere with your personal preparation or proselyting.”

Thanks, family and friends of our missionaries!

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Action Shots -Zone Conf Spokane, Spokane Valley, & Spokane East 11-23-15

This gallery contains 64 photos.


Zone Conf – S, SV, & SE 11-23-15


SPOKANE VALLEY ZONE 11-23-15 (Back L) Elders Moleff, Hunter, Janis, Page, Brown, Bowring, Wilcox, Ledbetter, John, & Doxey (FrontL) Pres Clark, Sisters Oligario & Rohmann, SIs & Pres Dymock, Sisters Vea & Gregory


SPOKANE ZONE 11-23-15 (BackL): Elders Beltran, Orchard, Lamb, Lenning, Morrison, Lewis, Joab, Sandau, Tanner Rebalkin (E. Rebalkin’s brother, serving mini-mission), Rebalkin, Jalley, Scott, Katill, D. Wood, Higbee, Rapp, Redd & Keightley; (FrontL): Sisters Thompson, Peeler, Pres. Clark, Sisters McDougal & Burdie, Pres & Sis Dymock, Sisters Stone, Jensen, Makovei & Day.


SPOKANE EAST ZONE 11-23-15 (BackL) Elders Lyden, Thompson, Magalei, Hill, Fuller, White, Monson, Satuala, Jefferies, Vaughan, Keppner; (FrontL): Pres Clark, Hermanas Brown & Robles, Pres & Sis Dymock, Sisters Andruski, Tyler, Paget & Lebow.


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Departing Missionaries 11-16-15 through 12-20-15

Elders Larsen, Frampton, Fuentes, Barbakov and Larsen and Sister Huntsman completed their missions on 11-16-15 and returned home. In addition, there are several mid-transfers who attended our final dinner at the mission home last Sunday, Nov 15 – including Sisters Cutler, Robles, and Day; and Elders Heimuli, Featherstone, and Fallon. The Williams Family – Elder & Sister Williams, and their daughter Kim Williams, finished their mission on Nov 20. Our senior couple, Elder & Sister Fisher, will also be completing their mission on Dec 20.

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New Missionaries 11-16-15

We warmly welcomed Elders Joab, Lundberg, Young, and Smith; and Sisters Stokes & Arnett last Monday, Nov 16.  In addition, Sister Makavei recently arrived from Temple Square to serve here for three months; and Elder Lenning arrived mid-transfer and will serve in the Marshalese work.

We combined the incoming missionary dinner this time with the SE Zone; so you’ll see quite the collection of photos in this group!

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Spokane Word #77 Nov-Dec 2015

Here’s the latest edition of the SPOKANE WORD, our official mission newsletter. Inside this newly formatted publication, you’ll see the list of incoming and departing missionaries, new leaders, inspirational messages, and our mission calendar. A special thanks to Sister Dani Richins, our new Mission Office Secretary for the updated look!

Spokane Word #77 Nov Dec 2015

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President & Sister Dymock

President & Sister Dymock, both natives of Utah, are honored to be serving as Mission President and Wife of the Washington, Spokane

President & Sister Dymock

Washington, Spokane Mission President & Wife

Mission. President Dymock is a native of St John, Utah; and Sister Dymock grew up in Kamas, Utah. They are the parents of five children, and 11 grandchildren. Their four oldest children are all married and their youngest is serving a mission in the Argentina, Neuquen Mission.

The Dymocks moved from Paradise, Utah, which is south of Logan. They have also lived in the Portland, Oregon area and Randolph, Utah, where President Dymock was employed for Church Education System.

President Dymock

Washington, Spokane Mission President

He taught in both Seminary and Institute,  and served in administrative assignments for 34 years. He earned his B.S. in Business Education from Utah State University (USU); and an M.S. in Business Management from Marylhurt College (Oregon). Sister Dymock was a full-time mother

Sister Dymock

Mission President’s Wife

for 27 years. She recently finished her B.S. degree, and M.S. degree in Marriage and Family Therapy – both at USU.

Their hobbies include hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, and gardening. President loves to ski with his two sons, and Sister Dymock enjoys writing. Their children live in Nebraska, Mexico, Argentina, and Utah. Together the family has served missions in Canada, Bulgaria, Korea, Latvia, two in Brazil, Georgia (USA), and Chile.  Their grandchildren range in age from 4 months – 11 years.  Yes, that makes 11 children age 11 and under!






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Action Shots at Zone Conf: MU, FM & LW

Enjoy the “inside view” of lunch time at zone conference. Click on the slide show below!

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These Sister Missionaries are a POWERHOUSE of strength!

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Zone Conf: Moscow Univ, Lewiston & Moscow Family 11-20-15


MOSCOW UNIVERSITY ZONE: BackL, Sisters Murphy, Rich, Winsor, Ashby, Bryson, Adamson, Rogers, Moody; Assistants: Elders Lyden and Jefferies; Front: Elders Li and Griffin, Sis & Pres Dymock, Elders Terry and Troseth

LewistonZone 11-20-15

Lewiston Zone: BackL: Elders Nielsen, Fallon, Luis, Nelson, Kosmicki, Lyden, Rowe, Forrester, C. Johnson, Brantmeyer, J, Hawkins, Davies, Porter, Williams, & Smith; Front L: Sisters Lovell & Clawson, Sis & Pres Dymock, Sisters Rencher & Chugg


MOSCOW FAMILY ZONE: BackL: Elders Elwood, Gentry, Pendell, A. Johnson, Carlson, Fogle, Dugan, Holmes, Maxwell, Assistants – E Lyden & Jefferie; FrontL: Sisters Egbert & Johnson, Sis & Pres Dymock, SIsters Arnett & Mills

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